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The Last Summer of La Boyita -- HEAD 

The Last Summer of La Boyita (2009)  
OT: El último verano de la Boyita
AKA: Mein Sommer mit Mario | Der letzte Sommer mit Mario

Topic: intersexuality

Drama (Argentina/Spain/France)
Run time: 1 hour 33 minutes

Premiere: March 30, 2009 (Buenos Aires International Festival of Independent Cinema, Argentina)

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Nicolás Treise (Mario)
Guadalupe Alonso (Jorgelina)
Mirella Pascual (Elba)
Gabo Correa (Eduardo)
María Clara Merendino (Luciana)
Guillermo Pfening (Héctor)
Arnoldo Treise (Oscar)
Claudio Quinteros (Claudio)
Silvia Tavcar (Silvia)
Edith Nadalin (Peca)

Director/Writer: Julia Solomonoff


When strong-willed and vivacious little Jorgelina sets off to the countryside to spend the summer with Dad, she develops a close friendship with Mario, a local farm boy and accomplished jockey. Together they spend the summer afternoons playing in the sweltering heat, their close friendship leading them to exchange intimate secrets. Before long, the children's parents become suspicious of this burgeoning sexuality and attempt to separate the children, but defiant Jorgelina refuses to hold her tongue and decides to put things right, in her own special way.
In the tradition of tender coming-of-age tales such as Lucia Puenzo's XXY and Celine Sciamma's TOMBOY, comes Julia Solomonoff's THE LAST SUMMER OF LA BOYITA, a sumptuously-shot ode to childhood summers past.

The last summer of la boyita -- POSTER
THE LAST SUMMER OF LA BOYITA is the third feature film of the Argentine film maker, writer, and actor Julia Solomonoff, who was born in 1968.



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