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The Last Match -- HEAD 

La Partida - The last match (2013)  
OT: La Partida | AKA: Das letzte Spiel

Topic: gay, bi, homophobia, prostitution

Romantic Drama (Spain, Cuba)
Run time: 1 hour 34 minutes

Premiere: May 05, 2013 (Boston LGBT FF, USA)
Classification: 18

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Milton García (Yosvani) ♂♂
Reinier Díaz (Reinier) ♂♂♀

Jenifer Rodríguez (Lludimila)
Beatriz Méndez (Gema)
Mirta Ibarra (Teresa)
Luis Alberto García (Silvano)
Toni Cantó (Juan)

Director: Antonio Hens ♂♂
Writer: Abel González Melo/ Antonio Hens

Reinier is a sexy rent boy working nights on the beat to make ends meet, and spending his days on the soccer field.It is on the field where he meets and falls in love with Yovsani. Both are already in relationships with women and so develop an intense connection in secret. But as feelings get stronger so to do the obstacles threatening to tear them apart.

The last match -- POSTER
Before LA PARTIDA Spanish director Antonio Hens already made gay themed movies dealing with prostitution. His biggest success is the short film EN MALAS COMPAÑÍAS (DOORS CUT DOWN), which had its premiere in June 2000 at the San Francisco International Lesbian and Gay Film Festival and was released two years later in the US in the short film DVD series BOYS BRIEFS 2.

In Cuba there were up in the 1980s state gay persecution. Although homosexual acts between adults are legal since 1979, public actions can still be punished by the police because of "antisocial behavior". The first approved Gay Pride Parade took place in 2011. The daughter of president Raúl Castro, Mariela Castro, is a strong supporter of gay rights in Cuba.



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The last match -- STILL 1 

The last match 

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