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Of Girls and Horses -- HEADER 

Of Girls and Horses (2014)  
OT: Von Mädchen und Pferden
Topic: lesbian, Coming Out

Drama (Germany)
Run time: 1 hour 22 minutes

Premiere: May 1, 2014 (Torino Gay&Lesbian FF, Italy)

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Ceci Schmitz-Chuh (Alex)
Vanida Karun (Nina)
Alissa Wilms (Kathy)
Ellen Grell (Christine)

Director/Writer: Monika Treut


Alex is a 16-year-old misfit and high school dropout. In a final attempt to set Alex straight, her adoptive mother signs her up for an internship at a farm where Alex meets thirty-something Nina, a riding instructor who is taking a break from her partner Christine and their life in the city. Although Alex initially hates being stuck on the farm, she gradually connects with the horses. When upper-class Kathy arrives for a vacation, Alex dislikes her immediately. But as the days slowly drift by, the girls form a friendship, and when they are left alone one weekend things spin out of control. (Toronto Inside Out Festival)

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Of Girls and Horses -- POSTER
QUEERmdbInfo: Monika Treut
The German director and author Monika Treut is considered to be an avantgardist of
NEW QUEER CINEMA. Already her subversive debut film SEDUCTION: THE CRUEL WOMAN (1985), which she directed along with Rosa von Praunheim collaborator Elfi Mikesch, is about sexual transgressions and emancipated, lesbian women. Her better-known movies are the Transgender- Documentary GENDERNAUTS (1999), which was awarded the Special Prize of the TEDDY-Jury, LET'S TALK ABOUT SEX (1994) and her last feature film GHOSTED (2009).


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