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Free Fall (2013)  
★★★★★★★★ bunnyfactor
OT: Freier Fall
Romantic Drama (Germany)

Run time: 1h 40min
Premiere: February 8, 2013 (Berlinale)

Directed by Stephan Lacant

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Max Riemelt (Kay Engel) ♂♂
Hanno Koffler (Marc Borgmann)

Katharina Schüttler (Bettina Bischoff)
Maren Kroymann (Inge Borgmann)
Luis Lamprecht (Wolfgang Borgmann)
Free Fall -- Poster


With a promising law enforcement career and a child on the way, Marc's life is going according to plan until he meets the free spirited Kay. They start jogging together, bringing a breath of fresh air into Marc's life and, for the first time, he develops feelings for a man. Torn between the life he knows so well and the exhilaration of this new adventure, Marc finds himself in a state of free fall, unable to make anyone happy anymore least of all himself.

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FREE FALL - Germany's answer to BROKEBACK MOUNTAIN - is part of a new wave of powerful German cinema. Stephan Lacant's first feature film tells the dramatic tale of a man who finds himself outside the clear-cut boundaries of his world. Exceptional performances from Hanno Koffler, Max Riemelt and Katharina Schüttler provide a moving portrayal of what happens when life plans crumble and there is no way left to fulfil the needs of the people you love.

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