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Blue is the warmest color -- DRAMAQUEEN 2013 

Blue is the warmest color (2013) 
OT: La vie d'Adèle
Topic: lesbian
Run time: 2h 55min
Premiere: May 13, 2013 (Cannes)
Age rating: 16

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Adèle Exarchopoulos (Adèle) ♀♀
Léa Seydoux (Emma)

Jeremie Laheurte (Thomas)
Catherine Salée (Mutter)
Aurélien Recoing (Vater)
Sandor Funtek (Valentin)

Directed by Abdellatif Kechiche

Written by Abdellatif Kechiche/ Ghalia Lacroix


When the 15 year old Adèle gets to know the fascinating and attractive art student Emma, she can no longer deny her lesbian feelings. She never felt the same for her boyfriend Thomas.

[Paula Alonso] I am a lesbian and seeing this film has given me a deep disgust and rejection of seeing a morbid bastard sadly reduces us to the same old thing: mere objects of male curiosity and porn. Here there is no depth, no brilliant script, no plot, no transcendent issue... nothing more than 15 minutes of ridiculous wild sex for men with the intention of selling the movie disguised as the biggest love history story ever told, but it's only pornography. If two men have been the protagonists (or a man and a woman), the director would never have recreated in a sex scene between them like this and the movie would not have been so brightfull for critics. This movie offers nothing more than the curiosity of female homosexuality and especially the explicit images to prove it. If the couple had been heterosexual and if realistic sex had been treated in a more subtle manner, this movie never had been so praised. But of course, heterosexual critics liked it a lot and for that reason this film won Cannes. It sucks. What a shame.
Blue is the warmes color -- POSTER


For the first time in history of the Cannes film festival not only the film itself, but also the two leading actress received the most important award of the festival, the Palme d'Or. The jury, including the four Academy Award winners Steven Spielberg, Ang Lee, Christoph Waltz and Nicole Kidman, put it through a rule change.

At the same time thousands of people demonstrated against gay marriage in Paris.

BLUE IS THE WARMEST COLOR was voted for best LGBT themed movie 2013 by the users of QUEERmdb.

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